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    Robot Welding Assembly

    Fully Robotic Welding Assembly lines with full mistake proofing automation

  • IMG_0238

    Medium Press Machine

    800t Tandem Press line with full automation

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Autokeen–Good people produce good parts

Our World today would be mere sticks and stones without the existence of the metal industry. From the buildings in which we live and work, to the cars, buses, trains and airplanes that we commute on,  There is a desperate need for companies that can fill this niche and provide us with the tools and parts necessary to create the products that so greatly ameliorate our lives— aksb-crop does just that!

Established over two decades ago, in the year 1988, aksb-crop is a private limited company specializing in metal parts manufacturing and  assembly specifically for the automotive industry, among a host of other products and services offered. Strategically located in the industrial hub of Shah Alam, Malaysia, aksb-crop has carved a niche for itself and is recognized as Malaysia’s prominent manufacturer of automotive metal parts