Mission & Vision


An enduring vision, a lucid mission and sublime values inspire us
and everything we do at Autokeen.


Understanding and internalizing all that needs to be accomplished so that we may continue achieving sustainable, quality growth is what our vision entails:

At Autokeen, we fervently aspire to be a leader in Malaysia’s metal-based industry, manufacturing products and providing services of exceptional quality.


 Our fundamental purpose as a company is declared distinctly in our mission. The mission statement serves as the benchmark and goal towards which all our decisions and actions will be directed and executed:

Continuously and consistently meeting worlds standards and best practices, and delivering the finest quality products and services at the best rates, to meet customer expectations and satisfaction, and ensure the satisfaction and welfare of our shareholders in particular and the community in general, is what we seek to accomplish through our existence.
This is our commitment, our mission to succeed!


Our values shape and mould us – our attitudes and our beliefs, our actions and our decisions, our work ethic and corporate culture, all find definition in the values we espouse and strive to live up to.

At Autokeen, the values dearest to our heart include: